Antiquarium in Palinuro

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The Antiquarium in Palinuro is one of the things to see in Cilento. The visit of the museum is free and you can admire archaeological finds that help you understand and discover the ancient history of Palinuro."

Antiquarium in Palinuro: archaelogical museum on the sea

Antiquarium Palinuro
Palinuro Antiquarium

The Antiquarium of Palinuro is a museum structure that temporarily houses collections of archaeological material at the place of origin. The structure was built in 1954 in a very suggestive point on a coastal cliff in the center of two suggestive coves, Cala Ficocella and Porticello cove. The building was built at the behest of the Provincial Tourism Board of Salerno in agreement with the Superintendency for Archaeological Heritage, the Province of Salerno, the Cilento National Park, Vallo di Diano and Alburni and the Municipality of Centola. The purpose of the museum was to provide a worthy arrangement and to allow the use of the numerous objects recovered during the various excavation campaigns that have taken place on the territory since 1948 (in San Paolo and on Tempa della Guardia, an area that divides Palinuro from Molpa). The structure takes its name from the museum category to which it belongs.

What can I see at the Antiquarium of Palinuro?

Sure! Here's the translation in English: "The Antiquarium in Palinuro houses artifacts of the highest value. Among these are obsidian furnishings dating back to about 6,000 years ago, the remains of an ancient prehistoric settlement and kits from the archaic age necropolis that have returned Ionian tradition ceramics, Attic black-figure ceramics and local production ceramics typical of the Vallo di Diano with geometric decoration. These objects were used not only to contain water or foodstuffs, but also as cinerary urns for the deceased subjected to cremation. In addition, the museum exhibits the findings of numerous Hellenistic wrecks sunk in the sea of Palinuro, which testify to a close link between the civilizations that inhabited these places and those of Greece. Some of the artifacts contained in the museum are relevant to the burial kits that emerged during the excavation campaign conducted in the Enotrio settlement of Tempa della Guardia.

Who were the Enotri?

reperti nel museo dell'Antiquarium
Palinuro Museum

The Enotri are an Italic population derived from a Greek migration dating back to the 12th century BC. The name derives from the Greek oinos and means wine. It was a people who lived in huts and were mainly dedicated to the cultivation of vines and cereals. The exhibits on display at the Antiquarium of Centola are dining, pantry and dough vessels of various sizes with decorations and ornamental motifs of various kinds, from geometric shapes to bands and stripes. The finds recovered in Palinuro tell us a story rich in contacts with the Greeks who from the 6th century BC went to discover and then conquer new territories. It was exactly in this way that the Greeks arrived on the coasts of present-day Palinuro. Inside the Antiquarium there is typical Greek pottery that testifies to the fact that not only were there Greeks here but that they had settled permanently in the village of the Enotri, integrating and amalgamating with the pre-existing culture. The exchange between the two cultures did not only take place in the artistic field but also and above all as regards rituals, first of all that of the cult of death. Next to the burial ritual typical of the Enotri we find in fact also that of cremation in a vase typical of the Greeks. All the exhibits in the Antiquarium are of extreme beauty and charm but two are particularly striking: a nice wine vase in the shape of a shoe ("calceus repandus") of Cretan origin which testifies precisely to the presence of commercial traffic in the Mediterranean which also included the coast of Palinuro and some terracotta statuettes of the goddess Demeter so that she would guarantee fertility for the fields.

What are the opening hours of the Antiquarium in Palinuro and where is it located?

The Antiquarium of Palinuro is open from Monday to Friday from 08.30 to 13.30 and from 16.00 to 21.00 and on Saturday and Sunday from 09.00 to 12.00. The Antiquarium of Palinuro is located in Ficocella. The Antiquarium is about 2 km from the Residence and B&B Villamirella. It is possible to reach it on foot by taking the road that leads to the center of Palinuro. Alternatively, you can also take advantage of the bikes offered free of charge to our guests. If you are on vacation in a residence or village in Palinuro, don't forget to visit the Antiquarium of Palinuro. A real treasure trove of hidden treasures on the coast of Palinuro.

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