Capri Revolution: a drama film set in Cilento

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Capri revolution martone film

Capri Revolution is a period drama about a young woman goatherd, Lucia (Marianna Fontana), in Capri in 1914. The film deals with the tension between the conservative inhabitants of the island and a community of free-spirited artists and intellectuals led by Seybu (Reinout Scholten van Aschat). Seybu is a fictional version of the German painter Karl Diefenbach, who established an artistic commune in Capri between 1900 and 1913.

Lucia, who comes from a conservative family, feels herself drawn to the community of liberals. She yearns for more than the simple life she is living.

As is the case for so many other films of the 2019 Open Roads Film Festival, Martone’s cinematography is very much influenced by the landscape of the location, in this case: the idyllic island of Capri. The opening sequence shows the protagonist, Lucia, walking up the hill in a close up. She blends perfectly into the landscape.

With a cast of internationally known actors, including Marianna Fontana, Antonio Folletto and Jenna Thiam, the film has received numerous national and international awards. We invite you to review this film carefully, ready to recognise the locations of our municipality. Enjoy your viewing!

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