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The Cilento is a synonym for home. It is the birthplace of many famous Cilento people who have excelled in a wide variety of fields. But thanks to its friendly lifestyle, many other people have chosen this land as their home, even if they were born far away. This is exactly what happened to José Ortega with Bosco.

He arrived in 1980 in the village of San Giovanni , he bought a house and made it special as only a personality like his could do. The painter Ortega converted this house into his workshop. Today this house-atelier is a museum so that everyone can admire some of the Spanish artist's paintings.

The Spanish realist painter José Ortega dedicated his life to art, illustrating through his works the social themes that were most important to him. He was forced into exile due to his constant demand for the freedom of his people and his affinity with his compatriots. José Ortega ended his European migration in Bosco. The "pintor de la Mancha" choose Bosco because this village reminded him of his homeland Spain.

Jose' Ortega in Cilento
Ortega in Bosco


The house of the painter, student and friend of the great Picasso, is located in St. Rosalia Square. The house is now a museum and has three floors. Beyond the door, pictorial and architectural works of art appear one after the other. Visitors are breathless as they admire the works that show the master's versatility. A special house, unique in its kind, even in the layout of the spaces. From the first moment you cross the threshold of the José Ortega House in Bosco, it is clear that you are not in a normal house.

Casa Ortega in Bosco is an interesting place to visit during your holidays in Cilento, not only for the variety of works of art, the attention to detail, the colour combinations, but also for the uniqueness of the furnishings in which the artist's character blends with the Cilento culture.

The whole setting still glows with the beauty strewn about by Pintor. A house-workshop from which the artist seems to have taken time out to look around and take inspiration from this corner of Mancha in the land of Cilento.

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