Chestnuts: the delicious taste of Cilento food

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The Cilento chestnut is a traditional fruit from the Cilento region, located in the province of Salerno in Campania. Chestnuts are one of the most characteristic fruits of Cilento and are mainly harvested in the autumn.

The Cilento chestnut is a fruit with a sweet and delicate taste, perfect for the preparation of typical Cilento culinary traditions. One of the most famous desserts made with Cilento chestnuts are the pastorelle, delicious stuffed packets prepared during the Christmas holidays.

But the Cilento chestnut is not only used for the preparation of sweets, but also for the production of bread and fresh pasta, such as the Triidi di Rofrano. Chestnuts are in fact a versatile and precious ingredient, appreciated both for its taste and for its nutritional properties.

In the autumn, in the countryside of Cilento, you can witness the chestnut harvest, a moment of great importance for the locals. After the harvest, the chestnuts are dried in the sun to preserve their quality and intense taste.

If you are a lover of good food and want to discover the specialties of the Cilento culinary tradition, you cannot miss the Cilento chestnut, a sweet and tasty fruit, symbol of autumn in Cilento.

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