Cilento Trekking: Monte Bulgheria

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In Campania, 1225 metres high, not very high, with a amazing and geographic position, the Monte Bulgheria is one of the most beautiful mountains of Cilento as a stretch hand that allows the Italian Apennines to touch the sea. Unforgettable panoramas to reward those who force yourself to climb the mountain.

At the top of the mountain firstly gazing into the sea below, from the Sea of Capo Palinuro to the Gulf of Policastro, untill to see the Christ of Maratea and Calabria. For those who reach the peak in the days of extremely clear skies get lucky to see Stromboli and the Aeolian Islands to the south, Capri to the north. Just spinning and circling, turning the face to the inland, to be once again captured by the beauty of this fantastic place. From the far Orsomarso Mountain chain with the Pollino to the nearest Gelbison end Cervati Mountains. In Cervati Mountain, the Bussento River has its rise, runs kilometers in the subsoil and comes out again in Morigerati, in the beatiful WWF Oasi.  

This mountain comes from the sea, the result of many years oftectonic movements. Somone call it the mountain full of shells because the marine fossils have been found a top. It is also the mountain that change color. Its limestones of Jurassic, Triassic and Cretaceous Period ensure that the Mount Bulgheria turns in pink in the sunset.

The Monte Bulgheria is an infinite richness from the historical-natural point of view is one of the most important sites in Europe. Since the Paleothic it has been lived-in and also populated in the Ancient Times, the Bulgheria Mountain takes its name from the Bulgarian combatants. They chose the mountain like a sheler during the Gothic War in the 5th century. 

In Celle di Bugheria, Acquavena, Roccagloriosa, San Giovanni a Piero, all these small villages at bottom of the Bulgheria you find evidences of mountain history and its deep attachement to the human population. In a Bosco Square you find the Montain sculpture. The Picasso pupil, Josè Garcìa Ortega made it when he lived there after he was exiled from the Spain.

Biodiversity resource. The natural barrier Monte Bulgheria protects the territory from the cold front and creates condition for growing tropical plants next to mountains spontaneous vegatation. The Cilento Olive tree grows next to centuries old trees and maquis. From the dark green of the olive groves in summer, to the light shade of the fruit trees and finally to deep the red of the chestnut in autumn. A very colourful landscape.  

Like flora, the fauna is extremely varied. Reptiles and mammals, birds, the mountain. Some of them are rare, protected and endangered. The peregrine falcon,  the royal kite, the succiacapre bird, wild boars, foxes, green lizards, dragonflies of Community importance and many others animal species.

The Monte Bulgheria remember exactly the shape of an animal: a lion. The sleeping lion. Thus it is that many peple call the lonely mountain. The Sleeping Lion that defends and protects today like yesterday, the paradise of many villages placed at his feet.

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