Cycling holidays in Italy: Via Silente

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In the saddle of a bike, in the silence of the countryside discovering the Cilento and Vallo di Diano region. A project to open this land to the world and show that dreams can become true.

Cycling on Via Silente.

The Silent Way (Via Silente)takes its name from the silence, absolute king of Cilento. So difficult to describe, landscapes, colors, perfumes and time mingle in the silence. It is enchanting hearing the silence while the sun is playing hide between the clouds by changing the light in every moment. The design of the Silent Way was born in June 2014, when two girls of Cilento, Simona and Carla Passarelli, ride their bike to the discovery of their land. In addition to the bike, their unusual luggage: pencils, sketchbooks and diary. Getting around Cilento for 28 days. This is the duration of exploration.

The Silent Way is a slow cycling along a circular road of 600 kilometres, in the silence of a landscape far in time. 15 stops to be accomplished with a slowness to savor each pedal stroke and you will be seduced by that silence which is not the absence of sound but listening quality.

Rich in particular, sounds and smells, the Cilento offers wonderful scenery. The Silente Way is an exclusive relationship with nature, with the flowing of the waters and with the sounds of the animals. "To be able to enjoy this particular type of silence is necessary to have a slow approach, and our proposal is right this"- explains Simona.

Castelnuovo Cilento, the starting point. From here you start and here you go back. From Via Silente Km 0 begins the adventure on two wheels. With the mountain bike, the map, the description of the stops you start. A network of structures, bike friendly, along the route where the cordiality and hospitality transform the cyclist in someone always known.

Not a race against time nor a test of physical force, but an idea of allowing themselves to be distracted from an environmental and cultural context. An idea that reveals the most hidden corners of the National Park of Cilento. That's is what is Via Silente.

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