Diving In South Italy: Cilento Scuba Diving

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Diving is like entering a new world, where time and space disapper. The eyes see fantastic shows where fishes and corals are the stars. Everything moves slowly in a frame of a myriad of shades and bright colors. An underwater world that form an ecosystem to explore even just with mask , fins and air cylinders. To go underwater and stay there for long or to experience the thrill of diving discovering the depths of sea are secret human desires.

The diving is the logical consequence for those who have a passion for the sea and the seabed want to see the world from another point of view. The Italy, especially Southern Italy has a seabed that is unmatched in Europe. Palinuro is located in Southern Italy, in the heart of Cilento National Park. For those who want to discover the wonders of Cilento's sea diving is correct-activity.  

There are several dive centers in Cilento where you can practice diving. Palinuro is the ideal place for scuba diving. The most exciting ones, those that make your skin crawl because you never would have imagined how much beauty the Palinuro hides in its waters. About its more 30 caves and underwater caves, Palinuro is the main point of interest in Italy for expert and fans of immersions. Some special marine forms, typical of oceanic seas, have found their ideal habitat in the seabed and in the caves of Palinuro. Particularly in the Blue Caves,in Palinuro, famous for its fantastic sunlight entering through rock walls that colour a intense blue seawater.

One of the activities to do when you are on holiday in Palinuro is the diving with immersions in the depth of Palinuro and its caves. Palinuro has not only caves in surface but the very wealth is underwater...And if you have no experience, no problem just follow the advice of experienced instructors that populate the area with several diving schools and diving centres. In a few hours you will be able to follow the path of a starfish that moves slowly on one of Italy's most fascinating seabeds.

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