Easter Cilento sweets

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In Cilento, Easter is a very heartfelt moment for the local population, who come together in a series of culinary traditions featuring Easter sweets as the main protagonists. The traditional Cilento cuisine includes a series of sweet preparations that are made for the Easter holiday. The most famous of these is undoubtedly the Neapolitan pastiera, a sweet made with wheat and ricotta, enriched with spices and candied fruit. But Cilento is not limited to just pastiera, and offers a wide selection of other Easter sweets, such as the vicciatiello cu' l'ova, a sweet bread stuffed with hard-boiled eggs, or the casatiello, a rustic bread made with flour, cheese, salami and hard-boiled eggs. Another culinary tradition typical of Cilento is the so-called "hard-boiled egg", which is prepared with hard-boiled eggs colored with natural dyes and decorated with the typical Cilento "seahorse". In short, Easter in Cilento is a moment of celebration and conviviality, where the traditional Cilento cuisine shines with its flavors and its delicious sweets. If you find yourself in the area during this holiday, don't miss the opportunity to taste the Cilento Easter sweets, a unique experience for the palate and gastronomic culture.

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