Ecotourism: Travel Experiences In Cilento

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Creating an engaging, new and attractive travel offer is never easy. Often the starting point is to be able to read the costumer's travel question and, in some cases, anticipate it.

The desire to live experiences and emotions during the holidays has been developing for some time. The territory has always been a silent guardian of experiences and emotions, which only the most sensitive souls can fully understand it. The tourist,who has a keen eye, looks for experiences and emotions in the territory and then in himself through the territory.

The Cilento, authentic and simple in its organization, can be considered as a natural destination in reference to this new idea of eco tourism. In fact, Cilento encompasses all aspects of sustainable tourism:

  1. Natural aspect: oasis, paths, climbing, green areas of a national park where nature and environment reign unspoilt;
  2. Cultural aspect: museums, archaeological sites where the history of this territory seems to be alive and you can touch it with your own hands;
  3. The villages: searching for uniqueness and discovering of new and less frequented by mass tourism. The many small villages of Cilento are a reference point that allows you to discover and understand how the history of a people who live in a context of tradition and respect for the past continues;
  4. Mediterranean diet: eating becomes more and more important. Habits change, new trends and flavours arrive but tradition is never overtaken. Slow tourism requires a greater attention, an eco-sustainability also in the food and wine offer of a region. The concept of slow food goes beyond eating well, arrives at the products, the natural ones, those at Km 0. Productions of the place more genuine and authentic than any other production.

All this comes from the fact that tourists feel now the need to live like a local, to enjoy more authenticity during the trip.

In view of the new concept of eco tourism, we are building an offer based on the multiplicity of experiences related to this land that is the Cilento. Everyone can make this multiplicity personal by building autonomously the experiences to be lived according to their attention, research, tastes and inclinations.

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