Plan your holidays 2024: best time & date to travel in Italy

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The year 2024 has just begun and as we recover from the holidays, it's already time to think about the next holidays. To help you organize your holidays, here is a preview of the calendar of working weekends and public holidays for the year 2024. So you can plan your holiday in Italy in a hotel in Palinuro or your weekends in Campania to disconnect from work. to reduce the stress of returning to work.

Italy Holidays 2024: best dates for travel in Italy

The year 2023 will be a year to remember for the gradual return to normal after the restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic and for the arrival of the vaccine and the mandatory green pass at work. However, it is also important to think about moments of relaxation to divert attention from everyday life and worries. Especially for those who have not had the opportunity to completely disconnect from work, it is essential to take time for yourself and your family to recharge your batteries and face future challenges with greater energy.

The 2024 offers you several opportunities to take some time off, with many midweek holidays and therefore many 2, 3 or 4 day holiday bridges. Lovers of long bridges will be able to have a great time and enjoy their free time without having to take too many days off. A large part of civil and religious national holidays, in fact, will fall on Mondays or Thursdays and Fridays, allowing the weekend to be extended. However, some weekends may require you to also book some days off, so it is important to start early so as not to miss the opportunity to enjoy your free time.

Italian holiday calendar in 2024 to better organize your 2024 holidays

Below you will find the calendar of 2024 festivities including the patronal feasts of some of the big Italian cities:

  • New Year's Day 2024 – January 1 – Monday
  • Epiphany 2024 – January 6 – Saturday
  • Carnival 2024 – Tuesday – February 13th
  • Easter 2024 – Sunday – 31st March
  • Easter Monday 2024 – Monday – 1st
  • 25 April 2024 – Thursday – Liberation Day
  • May 1, 2024– Wednesday – Labor Day
  • 2 June 2024 – Sunday– Republic Day
  • San Pietro e Paolo (Rome) – 29 June 2024– Saturday
  • August 15th - 15th August 2024 – Thursaday
  • 1 November 2024 – Friday
  • Sant'Ambrogio (Milan) - 7 December 2024 - Saturday
  • The Immaculate Conception - December 8, 2024 - Sunday
  • Christmas 2024 - 25 December 2024 - Wednesday
  • Boxing Day - December 26, 2024 - Thursday
  • New Year's Eve 2024 - 31 December 2024 - Tuesday

Italian national holidays 2024 to plan a long weekend in Campania or a trip in Southern Italy

Christmas holidays gone away, it's already time to think about the next holiday and to glance at the calendar in search of long weekends and public holidays in 2024. Unlike 2023, in which there were few long weekends, in 2024 there will be a little 'more! Beginning with the 3-day Epiphany, there will also be other bridges to consider, although you may need to take some days off to "hook" on these bridges.

2024 offers us various opportunities to take some time off, with many midweek holidays and therefore many 2, 3 or 4 days without having to take days off. Starting with the Epiphany long weekend of January 6, which fell on a Friday with 3 days of vacations.

Other holidays to consider are:

  • Easter and Easter Monday, 31st March and 1st April 2024, for 3 days with our Easter offers in Palinuro.
  • May 1, which falls on a Monday, to experience a 3-day mini-vacation while waiting for summer 2024.
  • The Republic Day of 2 June 2024, which is celebrated on a Sunday to spend a 2-day weekend in Palinuro.
  • The Immaculate Conception, December 8, 2024, also on a Sunday, you can book for 3 days and start breathing the air of the Christmas holidays.

If you work, 2024 still gives you several possibilities to plan a weekend in Cilento, not only with 2 or 3 day long weekends but also with long weekends of 4 or 5 days. Here are some of the opportunities for bridges or long weekends with and without asking for holidays at work.

  • On April 25, Liberation Day, which falls on a Thursday. For the occasion, you can think of a small 4-day vacation starting from Thursday by asking for 1 day off.
  • Carnival, Tuesday 13 February, despite being a bridge that is no longer in use. You can plan 4 relaxing days in Palinuro starting on Saturday, with two days off to take.
  • Ferragosto, August 15, which falls on a Thursday. If you are one of those who have to work on August 15, you can ask for a day off and treat yourself to a small 4-day summer break by booking a residence in Palinuro or a B&B in Palinuro.
  • 1 November All Saints falls on a Friday, to give you 3 days in Palinuro while waiting for the Christmas holidays. November in Cilento still offers beautiful sunny days and mild weather for strolling on the beaches of Palinuro or choosing an excursion into nature.
  • Christmas and Boxing Day, Monday and Tuesday, for a 4-day ski holiday.

If you work, plan your holidays in advance and take advantage of the holidays offers in Campania to guarantee maximum savings!

Holidays and school holidays in 2024 to organize your family holiday in Italy

If you want to organize a family holiday in Palinuro, having the calendar of holidays and school long weekends at hand can be helpful. In fact, we anticipate that for the Liberation Day all students will have a long bridge available which runs from Thursday 25th April to Monday 29th April. Since the party falls on a Tuesday, students can also have Monday off. In this period especially families, taking a day or two off, will be able to treat themselves to a trip or a stay with their children in a residence with swimming pool in Campania. This way you can spend time together without having to worry about school lessons and you can also save on vacation costs, which are usually higher during the summer holidays. Check out the May and June offers in Palinuro with a 70% discount.

The 2024 school calendar can give you a hand in planning your 2023 holidays. Below you will find the main long weekends and holidays of the 2023 school calendar:

  • Christmas holidays 2024 : from Friday 23 December to Sunday 7 January
  • Easter holidays 2024 : from Thursday 28th March to Tuesday 2nd April
  • Liberation Day : from Thursday 25th to Monday 29th April
  • Shrove Tuesday (Carnival): Tuesday 13 February only in some Italian regions
  • Labor Day : from Monday 29nd to Wednesday 1st May
  • Republic Day : Sunday 2 June
  • All Saints : Friday 1st November
  • Immaculate Conception:  Sunday 8th December

Now that you have the calendar of holidays and school bridges at your fingertips, you just have to start looking for the best offers for holidays in Campania. With a little imagination and a little organization, it is possible to find the right balance between work and play and spend precious time with family or friends. It is important to evaluate your needs and preferences and choose the most suitable destination and period, in order to be able to enjoy your holidays to the fullest and recharge your batteries to better face everyday life.

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