Cilento motorcycle holiday: a journey through history and nature

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The Salerno coast is a must-see destination for those who love motorcycles and breathtaking scenery. A motorcycle trip along the Cilento coast will allow you to discover the beauty of this area of Campania, from the ruins of Paestum to the beaches of Castellabate and Palinuro, to Scario and Sapri. An itinerary of about 150 kilometers along the coast will allow you to admire the cliffs and landscapes of the province of Salerno.

Starting from Battipaglia, you can visit the Paestum Archaeological Park and then head to Agropoli, passing through San Marco and Santa Maria di Castellabate. From Castellabate, take the SS267 and follow the route of the road, which will take you through Acciaroli, Marina di Casal Velino, Velia and Ascea to Palinuro.

From there, follow SR562 to Marina di Camerota, Lentiscosa, San Giovanni a Piro, and finally Scario and Sapri. Choose the right day to leave and enjoy this journey through the beauty of the Cilento coast, avoiding summer traffic if possible.

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