Kids On Holidays In Palinuro

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Life is not only basic needs for the physical well-being but also the requirements necessary for mental well-being.The factors that lead to the construction of identity is the realization of valid human relationships and the situation that stimulate the curiosity and imagination. The trip is part undoubtedly among them.

Mothers think too much before to book a trip with her children.What does it mean to travel at this age if they do not remember anything ? The classic

Family on the beach.

excuse that use the mothers to hide their fears .You have to understand that children fell good when parents are happy. So if you like travelling you do not hide behind the child's excuse, because children are human beings that adapt themselves to different situations. On one condition: not to have close a worried and anxious adult. It could be true that they will not remember anything, but do you know that we have a conscious memory and an internal memory?

The conscious memory is the image of the place where we had been , like a photograph. The memory is experiences , affections , united to a particular situation.That is why we have no conscious memory of childhood but memory.

Every trip is a suitable treasure to be discovered with the kids.The places that love their parents are the most suitable when children are very young , because it can not hurt a child what makes happy a parent.

Kids in holiday in Palinuro.

On one trip a child can learn a lesson that can not learn in a school : the difference is always the direct relationship with the culture and people . At school children see a picture , learn the contents that are stimulating them . However the journey is study in greater depth.

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