Young Music and Fun at Meeting del Mare, Marina di Camerota in Cilento

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Experience the spirit of youth culture and live music with Meeting del Mare - an event coming to Marina di Camerota.

What is Meeting del Mare?

Meeting del Mare is an event coming to Marina di Camerota on 2023, celebrating the best of youth culture with live music and performances from upcoming young musicians. Participate in the interactive activities and workshops where you can share ideas and express your creativity. Enjoy a day full of art and other cultural activities with us!

Meeting del Mare is a festival where young musical talents from across the country join forces to perform special acoustic and electric music sets. Enjoy performances from up-and-coming artists and discover new underground movements in music, art, fashion and more. The event offers interactive activities and workshops for the public, so that everyone can be part of creating culture and contributing to Festival. Whether you’re attending with a group or heading solo, Meeting del Mare encourages you to break away from your routine and enter another dimension full of art, fun activities, good vibes, energy and curiosity!

Held annually in Marina di Camerota, Cilento since 2013, Meeting del Mare is committed to promoting and supporting culture among young people. As a part of the Festival, live concerts, DJ sets and incredible music events take place in summer by the sea. This event is perfect for lovers of underground music and all those who enjoy exploring new musical styles. This celebration of musical talent brings together music enthusiasts, who share an interest in discovering new genres and encouraging upcoming musicians.

So if you’re ready to explore emerging Italian culture, come join Meeting del Mare!

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