How to create organic fertilizer for your garden

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Domestic composting is a method of turning organic waste into natural fertilizer for the garden or vegetable garden. To start, you need to get a compost bin and place it in an accessible but distant place from the house. Suitable organic waste for composting includes food leftovers, fruit and vegetable peels, dry leaves and twigs. It is important to avoid inserting fatty foods, meat and fish into the compost bin to avoid attracting unwanted animals.

To speed up the decomposition process, it is advisable to mix the organic waste with dry materials and turn the compost every week to promote oxygenation. It is also important to keep the compost moist but not soaked with water. After about 3-6 months, the compost will be ready to be used as fertilizer. We like to know that all our guests adopt small environmental considerations in their lives.

For this reason, inside the Villamirella park, we have set up a compost bin where guests can contribute with vegetable waste to the production of this organic, healthy, rich and free compost.

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