Pisciotta anchovies: a typical food of Campania

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Despite modern fishing techniques, some traditions remain intact over the centuries: this is the case of the technique used for fishing Menaica anchovies, which developed in the Mediterranean in classical times and has survived to this day in only a few places in Italy, including the village of Marina di Pisciotta. Here, for many years now, a renowned salting workshop has been operating that directly catches anchovies.

The menaica anchovies in Marina di Pisciotta are a Slow Food Presidium.

At sunset, no more than seven to eight boats set out to sea spreading their nets, a special net, called menaica, which allows only the largest anchovies to be selected; these are then extracted by hand one by one and immediately processed, first by washing them in brine, and then by placing them in traditional terracotta jars, alternating with layers of salt (artisanal salt from the Trapani salt pans).

It is only thanks to the care and attention paid to each phase of fishing and processing that very high quality anchovies are obtained, characterised by a white flesh tending to pink and a particular taste, very intense but at the same time delicate, and which can be enjoyed in a variety of ways! One more reason to visit the small villages of Cilento, rich in tradition and culture!

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