Sport fishing in Marina di Camerota

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Among sports and hobbies ideal for the summer, sport fishing has become a must.

At Marina di Camerota, just a few minutes' drive from Villamirella, the Camerota Sport Fishing Association offers you the chance to enjoy an exciting experience, whether you are a fishing lover or simply want to prove your skills.

Sport fishing will allow you to enjoy a moment of fun and light-heartedness that will give you unforgettable emotions, allowing you to experience the perfect combination of fishing and tradition that makes the Cilento a unique and magical land.

You will be guided by highly qualified experts in the field, who will provide you with their experience and professional equipment for various types of fishing. Yes, that's right! Because you will be the one to choose what to fish for, and according to your choice, a morning or afternoon fishing trip will be organised.

Ready to set sail, then, on board a Fisherman REGG 24, with its characteristic cabin, for this fun adventure, lasting about 6 hours, that will let you discover the tradition of our seafaring villages.

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