The most beautiful beaches of Marina di Camerota

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The beaches of Marina di Camerota are famous for their unique beauty. In Marina di Camerota there is no shortage of bays and sandy beaches. If you are on holiday with your family in Palinuro, we recommend you to spend at least one day at the beach in Marina di Camerota and discover the most beautiful beaches in Italy. Almost all the beaches in Marina di Camerota can be reached by car. But which are the most beautiful beaches in Marina di Camerota? Find out with us.

The most beautiful beaches in Marina di Camerota

To reach Marina di Camerota from Palinuro, you will drive along one of the most beautiful stretches of coast in Cilento. Having crossed the first part of the pine forest after the Mingardo river, the road runs alongside Camerota's largest beach.

The Mingardo beach from Palinuro to Marina di Camerota is the longest sandy beach in Marina di Camerota. The beach has dunes, equipped bathing establishments and a public beach. During the summer, many families choose this beach in Marina di Camerota for its long stretches of fine sand. Unlike the Spiaggia delle Saline, however, the seabed is deeper and slopes down a few steps from the shore.

The Pozzallo beach is a real postcard beach. Pozzallo is a must-see during a holiday in the Cilento landscape. Pozzallo beach is a combination of white pebbles and sand. If you decide to go to the sea in Marina di Camerota and visit Pozzallo beach, do not forget your masks and flippers to discover the colours and depth of Marina di Camerota's splendid seabed.

Cala Bianca is one of the beaches in Marina di Camerota that you must not miss if you are in Marina di Camerota. In 2013, Cala Bianca was elected as the most beautiful beach in Italy, winning the Italian Legambiente poll 'la più bella sei tu' (the most beautiful beach is you).

Cala Bianca takes its name from the white pebbles that completely cover the beach. Cala Bianca beach is now a marine protected area. In fact, the only way by land to reach the beach is along a coastal path that connects Cala Bianca to the nearby Pozzallo Beach.

If you want to reach Cala Bianca by boat, you can choose to do the boat tour from Palinuro to Baia Infreschi or go to the Marina di Camerota harbour from where various boat cooperatives arrange boat excursions.

The last but not least beach is Baia degli Infreschi in Marina di Camerota leaves you speechless. In 2014, Legambiente assigned the award of Italy's most beautiful beach to Baia degli Infreschi. The Infreschi beach is a small pebble cove surrounded by nature and with a wonderful seabed.

The caves along the coast of Baia Infreschi were used in the past as storage for tuna that were caught off the coast of Cala degli Infreschi. Boats that used to sail along the Cilento coast often found shelter in the natural harbour of Baia degli Infreschi.  Due to its extraordinary naturalistic value, Baia Infreschi is now a marine protected area of particular value.

The beaches of Marina di Camerota are Blue Flag 2022

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