Villamirella seen by guest's eyes

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1.    Excellent facility
Actually Villamirellahas been designed as the unique union of the excellent engineering project andthe great respect to local nature. The main idea of construction was to savethe every old-age olive tree on the territory and it has been realized in the bestway. So, there are all necessary high-quality facilities for the ideal holiday,including the parking zones as for bikes, so as campervans, inscribed in thecilento primal nature. 

2.    Green well-kept garden
As people, who have the deep Cilentian roots, we have the real passion fornature which inspires us to cultivate our garden on the highest level. Wereally enjoy, that our guests share our pleasure of results, having thebreakfast among 700-years old olive trees in a morning or resting under palmsin hammocks within a day, listening to the cicadas singing.

3.    Big swimming pool
Nevertheless there are a lot of beautiful beaches in Palinuro, the swimmingpool at Villamirella is the favorite place of our guests. Kids are absolutelyhappy here having unlimited time in a spacious pool, getting to know newfriends from different countries, while parents can rest, staying onchaise-longues around. The pool-bar with the wide range of ice-cream and drinkscompletes this scene perfectly.

4.    Open terraces or patios
All apartments at Villamirella include the open terraces or patios with a tableand chairs which suit ideally for spending time together. They are comfortableas for having a meal during a day, as for reading or playing in the evening.Each of them is the personal cozy corner in the large green oasis ofvilla. 

5.    A lot of space inwell-equipped clean rooms
Actually, the only common standard of Villamirella’s accommodations is tosatisfy fully all possible suggestions of its guests, who can be as singletravelers who need to stay for a night, so as families who wish to stay forweeks. So, the complex includes as well the B&B rooms, as the apartmentswith 1-3 bedrooms and kitchen. 'All of them are well-designed, fully equipped,have the outdoor area and provide the best conditions for the perfect stayinghere.

6.    Free Wi-Fi
Just wish to notice that it’s free and powerful everywhere within all territoryof Villamirella around. 

7.    Perfect stuff
What can we say about it? Just ‘Grazie!’, ‘Thanks!’ or ‘Merci!’ for opinion! Wedo the best for our guests and according to their reviews we do it very well!

8.    Restaurant 
We love our culture and Cilentian cuisine is the important part of it.Moreover, it’s the base of the world-wide famous Mediterranean diet, whichprinciples were found and structured by American nutritionist Ancel Keysexactly in this area. So, we are glad to provide the best dishes, which combinedelicious local tastes and healthy approach to the meal for our guests withoutany need to go out.

9.    Location 
Villamirella is situated in The National Park of Cilento ‘Vallo di Diano’,close to the center of Palinuro and only in 1 km from the local beaches, whichare the best in Campania and certificated with the world-renowned eco-labelBlue Flag by The Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE). To reach them iseasy by feet, by bikes (we offer them free) or by a car (we can providetransfer of rent it). Except it, some guests like to combine beach holidayswith such cultural program as visiting the Greek ancient Paestrum or famousruins of Pompei.

10.    Safety and calmnessOur guests are absolutely right and taking to attention own 30-years travellingexperience world widely, we can confirm that this area is one of the bestplaces on planet due its amazingly clean sea with the magical beautiful caves,organic fine food, ZERO criminality and nice people like us, of course ;)And try to guess, which thing we like the most in guests reviews?“We’ll be back!”

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