Alento River Oasis

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If you want to spend a day surrounded by nature and want to entertain your children with many activities, we recommend visiting the natural oasis of the Alento river a few kilometers from Agropoli and Santa Maria di Castellabate.

Alento River Oasis

Oasi Alento - attività e prezzi
Attività per Bambini - Diga Alento

The Alento River Oasis is a large natural park located in the heart of the Cilento and Vallo di Diano National Park, within a SIC (Site of Community Importance) area of 3,024 hectares that includes much of the Alento river. The natural oasis consists of lakes of important ecological value and aims to help safeguard biodiversity through conservation activities. The Oasis offers a wide range of tourist services such as guided tours, horseback and bike nature excursions, educational workshops, botanical garden, picnic area equipped with barbecue, two bars, soccer and volleyball fields, area for thematic exhibitions and banqueting, shop with typical products, archery, sailing, trekking trails, birdwatching huts, bike and mountain bike rental, playground and congress center. The restaurant focuses on quality gastronomy inspired by km 0 and typical preparations. A unique experience just a few km from the most beautiful beaches of Cilento and Palinuro!

The dam on the Alento

The dam on the Alento river was designed around the 80s. The purpose of the dam is to use the waters of the river for the multiple use of water resources. Its construction began in 1984 and the works were completed in 1994. The work is of considerable size, it is made of earth with a height of 43 meters and a width from bank to bank of 620 meters. The barrier has given rise to a large artificial lake, surrounded by woods and olive groves. The stored water is used for irrigation, drinking water, industrial and hydroelectric purposes. To allow the maintenance of life forms in the river in the area downstream of the dam, part of the water is released into the river.

Downstream of the dam a small hydroelectric power plant was built. The technical visit to the dam and monitoring systems is very important not only to understand the structure and operation of the dam complex, but also to provide important information on the rational exploitation of Cilento's water resources. During the walk it is possible to visit the tunnels of the barrier wall to observe the monitoring and control instruments of the dam. In addition, you can visit the artificial lake with a suggestive boat ride."

What are the activities that can be done in the oasis?

Oasi Diga Alento - escursioni a cavallo
Horse riding- Alento River Oasis

In the Alento River Oasis there are many outdoor activities that can be done. These include guided tours, horseback and bike nature excursions, educational workshops, botanical garden, picnic area equipped with barbecue, soccer and volleyball fields, archery, sailing, trekking trails and birdwatching huts. It is also possible to rent bikes and mountain bikes and visit the playground and congress center. There is also a restaurant that offers quality gastronomy inspired by km 0 and typical preparations.

What are the prices to enter and visit the Alento Oasis?

The entrance ticket to the Alento River Oasis costs €6 for adults (from 12 years old) while children up to 11 years old enter for free. The cost of the ticket may vary on holidays or special events. It is also possible to purchase an entrance + lunch ticket at the restaurant at a cost of €26 for adults and €14 for children. For summer evenings, booking at the Alento River Oasis is mandatory and for the month of August booking is strongly recommended, especially for the central two weeks. In addition, for some days such as Easter Monday, April 25th, May 1st, August 15th and days with special events such as Cartoon Day, booking for picnic tables and restaurant is mandatory and exclusively online. Telephone bookings are not possible and the only available channel to book is their website Oasi Diga Alento.

How to get to the Alento Oasis from Palinuro?

To reach the Alento Dam by car from the Residence in Palinuro Villamirella, just follow the signs for Agropoli. Only 50 minutes to reach this natural paradise, not far from Agropoli. Along the State Road 18 towards Salerno, you will find the exit OASI FIUME ALENTO and you will arrive at the entrance of the oasis.

To reach the Alento River Oasis by train starting from Pisciotta-Palinuro Station, it is possible to get off at Omignano Scalo or Vallo Scalo stations and contact the affiliated taxi service: Eliseo Viaggi (0974 62258 – 389 9536208). The service costs €15 and is valid for up to 6 people. We recommend booking before you set off.

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