The most beautiful beach in Palinuro for your holidays

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For the quality of the sea and the cleanliness, the beaches of the Cilento are awarded the Blue Flag every year, the eco-label awarded to holiday destinations that meet the criteria of quality and sustainable land management.

In Cilento the best beaches in Campania

There are many beaches in Palinuro and each one is different. Each beach in Palinuro is a corner of true paradise. If you are on holiday in Palinuro and want to know where to go to the sea in Palinuro, we give you some tips about the beaches in Palinuro not to be missed.

The beaches in Palinuro and the beaches in Marina di Camerota attract many tourists from all over the world year after year. Those who spend a holiday in the Cilento cannot miss taking a dip in the crystal-clear waters of the Palinuro beaches.

Saline Beach in Palinuro

Palinuro beach- Saline
Saline Beach Palinuro

Saline beach is a child friendly beach in South Italy. Thanks to its sandy shoreline and shallow sea, the Spiagge delle Saline is a beach suitable for families on holiday with children in Italy. Among the beaches in Palinuro, the 5 km long Spiagge delle Saline in Palinuro is the largest beach together with the Mingardo beach in Marina di Camerota.

In Palinuro, the Saline beach owes its name to the presence of rocks, especially near the Molo dei Francesi (French Pier), where the inhabitants of Palinuro had carved natural salt pans to extract sea salt.

Along the Spiaggia delle Saline there are numerous beach resorts and public beach. Parking near the beach is easy to find because there are numerous parking spaces along the road. In addition, in summer the Palinuro football field is used as a car parking area.  

From the Spiaggia delle Saline the trekking path to Cape Palinuro also starts. The Sentiero della Primula (Primrose Path) is a path that crowns Capo Palinuro and also includes the Sentiero dei Fortini (Forts Path).

Ficocella Beach

Ficocella beach is one of the smallest beaches in Cilento. Ficocella beach is also the only beach located near the centre of Palinuro. The particular conformation of this beach in Palinuro makes it one of the most fascinating beaches on the Cilento coast. The small Ficocella beach of fine sand is surrounded by the rocks and cliffs of Capo Palinuro where the Palinuro Primrose blooms.

Spiaggia di Palinuro - italy holiday
Spiaggia del Porto Palinuro

Palinuro Porto Beach

In Palinuro, the Porto beach is one of the most popular Cilento beaches for the transparency of the sea. The port of Palinuro is a small port that hosts small yachts or fishing boats often owned by Palinuro fishermen. Suitable for families, the Porto beach is predominantly sandy, but if you get closer to the inhabited centre, the rocky formations of the Palinuro cliffs begin to appear. From the beach at Porto di Palinuro, boats depart for the boat tour to Palinuro's Grotta Azzurra and the caves along the Palinuro coastline.

Free shuttle service is available from our residence in Cilento.

Capo Palinuro beaches

Along the coast of Capo Palinuro in the direction of Marina di Camerota is a continuous succession of attractive coves and beaches.

Marinella Beach

Marinella beach is located in front of Palinuro's famous Scoglio del Coniglio (Rabbit Rock). Among Palinuro's beaches, Marinella beach is the one most immersed in unspoilt nature and the Mediterranean machine.

Marinella beach was once the site of the small port of Molpa, and today it is one of the most relaxing bays in the Cilento. The promontory of Capo Palinuro protects the beach from currents, which is why the waters of this bay in Palinuro are almost always calm.

From Baia della Marinella it is possible to reach Baia del Buondormire, one of the most striking beaches on the Cilento coast. The particular colouring of the waters of Buondormire beach and the small beach of fine sand make it one of the places to see in Palinuro.

The Villamirella Residence and B&B is only 2000m from this beach and has a special agreement with the Lido Marinella. We will be happy to book for you your beach amenities at this or another lido in Palinuro.

Natural Arch Beach

Italy holiday - Palinuro Natural Arch
Natural Arch in Palinuro

The Natural Arch beach is located a few steps away from the Mingardo river that flows through Palinuro. The beach with its distinctive natural arch carved into the rock is one of the symbols of Palinuro. Because of its enchanting landscape, the Arco Naturale beach in Palinuro has been chosen as a location for numerous films and colossals. The high cliffs of the Promontorio di Capo Palinuro are a real challenge for rock climbers.

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