Lamparata: the fishing under the stars

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The Lamparata is a particular nocturnal sea excursion, during which you practice an ancient fishing technique transformed into a tourist attraction in the Cilento. It is an event much loved both by the residents of the area, who consider it a tradition, and by the tourists who choose Palinuro and Marina di Camerota for their holidays. Only in Cilento does the sea offer unique emotions even in the evening.

The lamparata with departure from the Port of Marina di Camerota

The starting point is set from the port of Marina di Camerota, around 9 pm, a few minutes by car from the Villamirella apartments . We set sail aboard boats with the aim of practicing this ancient technique of fishing for blue fish in crystal clear waters and surrounded by enchanting views of the Costa degli Infreschi. On board there are expert crews made up of expert Cilento fishermen, who entertain tourists by telling the habits and customs of local fishermen. An unforgettable experience for those who love the sea and nature.

How night fishing takes place in Marina di Camerota

Lamparata in Marina di Camerota Cilento
Lamparata - night fishing in Marina di Camerota

The lampara is a large lamp mounted on a boat called cenciola which is used at night to illuminate the water. The lampara attracts fish which are then caught with the spear.

Fishing with the lampara, the big bull fixed on the boat, therefore takes place in the evening or at night and involves at least two boats: the lampara, which turns on the powerful light to attract the fish, and a larger boat called a gozzo which is used to catch the fish when the fisherman on the lampara gives the signal. The net used is a purse seine, which slowly squeezes the fish into smaller and smaller spaces. Once full, the fishermen haul it on board with the strength of their arms. Warm applause welcomes the result of fishing.

The lamparata in Marina di Camerota with dinner on the beach

After watching the fishing, the crew and passengers stop at one of the beaches in Marina di Camerota accessible only by sea. While the chefs prepare the dinner included in the cost of the lamparata, tourists can enjoy a dip in the transparent waters of the Cilento sea. Before returning home, there is time for one last dip in the marvelous Baia degli Infreschi. On board, the limoncello warms everyone's spirits, while the boat ride at night comes to an end in joy and relaxation.

La Lamparata offers an unforgettable experience at sea during the night, creating a welcoming and familiar atmosphere. At the end of the night, one feels like part of a big family that has spent an evening full of fun and merriment. Furthermore, the Lamparata offers the opportunity to admire the Cilento coast in the light of the moon, to learn an ancient fishing technique and to taste the freshly caught fish. All this is done with a view to keeping the traditions of Cilento alive.

What are you waiting for, book the beautiful lamparata experience with us and don't miss one of the 10 things to do in Cilento during your holiday in Palinuro.

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