Pisciotta: what to see in the Menaica anchovies's village

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The medieval village of Pisciotta near Palinuro

Pisciotta dominates from above the coast that goes from Capo Palinuro to Ascea, perched on a hill for defensive reasons. The inhabitants could reach the coast via a path with stairways that can still be used today. The route is pleasant especially when you go towards the sea of ​​Marina di Pisciotta from Pisciotta capital.

Pisciotta retains a large part of its medieval structure and deserves to be visited for the panoramic view from its terraces. The Cilento landscape is characterized by the hills surrounding the town covered with centenary olive trees of the typical Pisciotta species, from which the name derives and whose oil production is highly appreciated.

Pisciotta is within easy reach of Palinuro. Only 10 km separate Pisciotta from Palinuro along the road that runs along the beaches of Palinuro . Furthermore, the Pisciotta railway station allows you to reach the village from other Cilento stations, such as Sapri or Vallo della Lucania.

5 Things to see in Pisciotta: Piazza Raffaele Pinto, cultural and social center of the village of Pisciotta

The ideal starting point for visiting the village of Pisciotta is the "Piazza Raffaele Pinto" or Largo Piazza. If arriving by car, it is advisable to park nearby and continue on foot, crossing the narrow streets of the historic centre. The streets of the village are very narrow, bordered by ancient noble palaces, council houses and chapels such as that of San Michele Arcangelo and the Madonna della Mercede, evidence of the importance of religion in the life of the community. In Via Roma you can still see the signs of old shops and the old pharmacy of the town. The historic center of Pisciotta still retains much of its medieval structure and reminds us how the inhabitants took refuge there to defend themselves from the assaults of the Saracens who hit many coasts of Southern Italy.

What to see in Cilento - village Pisciotta
Pisciotta - main square

The Palazzo Marchesale seat of the municipal library in Pisciotta

The Palazzo Marchesale di Pisciotta, owned by the Pappacoda family, is located along the slope of Via Roma. The entrance to the eighteenth-century building is preceded by a narrow and long alley. Beyond the large door you enter an atrium with a large open staircase and large windows, open like arches, through which you can see ancient fig trees, wild plants and the inevitable olive trees that dot a typical Cilento vegetable garden. The palace is partially inhabited and is open to the public for partial visits. Today Palazzo Marchesale di Pisciotta houses the Municipal Library.

Piazza del Cannone, the terrace suspended over the Cilento sea

The narrow alleys of the village of Pisciotta open onto picturesque squares, with ancient palaces and houses. In the historical centre, as soon as you leave Raffaele Pinto main square, also known as Largo Piazza, you can stop in the Piazzetta del Cannone, so called due to the presence of an ancient cannon. The square offers a belvedere with a view over the roofs of the houses, the olive trees and the sea. On the wall of via Roma, in full view, there are murals that tell how the brigands have populated the modern history of the place, as in nearby Lucania and in the rest of Campania.

The mother church of Pisciotta dedicated to Saints Peter and Paul

The mother church of Pisciotta, dedicated to Saints Peter and Paul, is located on Piazza Pagano and has an atypical side entrance, since the main one is used only on special occasions. The church has a very wide single nave and dates back to the 17th century, even if it has been restored several times. Inside you can admire some works of the Neapolitan school and Baroque stylistic references. Other churches in Pisciotta are that of the Carmine which has an electric clock installed in the 1960s by a company from Potenza; the Church of the Assunta, also called "della Stella" and the Sanctuary of Sant'Agnello Abate in the nearby hamlet of Rodio.

The tourist habour of Pisciotta and Marina di Pisciotta

Marina di Pisciotta and the small tourist port are located about 3 km from Pisciotta. The coast of this area, from Capo Palinuro to Ascea is of great beauty. Pisciotta, like many other Cilento towns, has been awarded a blue flag for years, testifying to the great attention paid to environmental protection. Like many coasts of southern Italy, even in Pisciotta there are torrid sightings, some private and others accessible only via trekking paths.

Marina di Pisciotta is one of the coastal hamlets of the municipality of Pisciotta, located in the Cilento region. The town, once mainly inhabited by fishermen, today attracts tourists looking for an authentic experience and quality local products, such as the famous menaica anchovies. The small port, where the elderly fishermen continue to hand down their traditions, is one of the points of

What to eat and where to eat in Pisciotta

Pisciotta's cuisine is a perfect fusion of flavors from the sea and the land. The local dishes are enriched by the use of Cilento olive extra virgin olive oil, which gives a unique and genuine taste. Furthermore, you cannot miss tasting the Alici di Menaica, an exclusive product of the area obtained with an ancient fishing technique. For seafood lovers, spaghetti with anchovy sauce is a must-try. Other typical products of the area are the mozzarella in myrtle and the anchovy sauce, available in various points of sale in the marina or in the shop in Piazza Pinto. The catering in Pisciotta and its surroundings is of high quality, with restaurants offering typical dishes and farmhouses that use organic and 0 km products.

Where to stay in Pisciotta, in Cilento

Pisciotta and Marina di Pisciotta offer a wide choice of options for your stay, which satisfy different needs and budgets. You can find structures such as hotels, bed and breakfasts, holiday homes, farmhouses, tourist villages and residences.

A holiday experience to do in Marina di Pisciotta is to sleep in a historic building in the heart of the fishermen's village, just 10 meters from the sea. A real charming retreat near the sea of ​​Pisciotta.

Or you can choose an independent villa directly on the Saline beach in Palinuro. Villa Saline is only 5 minutes by car from the beautiful and suggestive village of Pisciotta and from the fishing village of Marina di Pisciotta.

Each of these holiday accommodations in Palinuro offers a unique atmosphere and personalized services to make your stay as pleasant as possible.

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